Test Automation

"Test automation automates some repetitive but necessary tasks and is critical for continuous delivery and continuous testing"

Graphical user interface testing

A testing framework that generates user interface events such as keystrokes and mouse clicks, and observes the changes that result in the user interface, to validate that the observable behavior of the program is correct.

API driven testing

A testing framework that uses a programming interface to the application to validate the behavior under test. Typically API driven testing bypasses application user interface altogether.

Model-based testing

We help non-technical users to create automated business test cases in plain English so that no programming of any kind is needed in order to configure them for multiple operating systems, browsers, and smart devices

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We give recommendations to optimize your app based on the industry focus. Whether that means adding live chat, SSL security, google tags manager, or a host of other add-ons that you may have been unaware of, we’ll be sure to recommend the best to you.

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